Number Tag Name Notes
1 EAS George Eastman Building Rooms
3 CLK Clark Gymnasium Rooms
4 SAU Student Alumni Union Rooms
5 WAL Wallace Library Rooms
6 LBR College of Liberal Arts Rooms
7 BOO James Booth Fine Arts Building Rooms
7 GAN Frank Gannett Fine Arts Building Rooms
8 GOS Gosnell Building Rooms
9 GLE James E. Gleason Building Rooms
10 ROS Ross Building Rooms
12 LOW Max Lowenthal College of Business Has high ceilings -use 10 or 12 ft Ladder to reach projectors. Rooms
13 ORN Orange Hall Rooms
14 HLC Hugh Carey Building Rooms
15 MON Campus Connections Rooms
16 SMT Interfaith Center Rooms
17 ENG Center for Micro-E and Computer Engineering Rooms
18 COL Color Science Building Rooms
23 HAC Hale-Andrews Student Life Center Rooms
23 AUG August Center Rooms
24 GOR Gordon Field House Rooms
25 GWH Grace Watson Hall Rooms
35 KGH Kate Gleason Hall Rooms
43 NRH Nathanial Rochester Hall Rooms
70 GOL Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences Rooms
73 INH Institute Hall Rooms
74 LAC Laboratory For Social Computing Rooms
75 CBT Center of Bioscience Education & Technology Rooms
76 CAR Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science Rooms
77 BLC Bausch and Lomb Rooms
78 SLA Louise Slaughter Center for Integrated Manufacturing Study Rooms
81 SUS Sustainability Institute Rooms
82 ENT CAST Rooms
86 BRN Brown Hall Rooms
87 USC University Services Center Rooms
89 CRS The Crossroads Rooms
100 PRES Liberty Hill President's House Rooms
400 GVP Global Village Plaza Rooms